Diversity and heterogeneity

We all know that diversity is the number one force in society today. It drives economies, shapes societies, and makes people of different cultures and ethnicities live together in harmony. Without diversity, society could not function as it does today. Unfortunately, as you probably know, there is much diversity within our society. And we have unfortunately seen that some people have a negative impact on the richness and vibrancy of our culture. That is why diversity affects us all.

One of the most serious problems with diversity is calledacist discrimination or prejudice. You might be surprised at what you find out when you start studying diversity. For example, if you go to a predominantly white area of a town and you encounter a person who is less than admirably, that individual may decide to hate you just because you are different from the other people he or she comes in contact with. This individual is saying to you: “You are different from everyone else. You are a stranger in my town.”

Now this can have disastrous effects on your psyche. Your identity, which you have spent your entire life building, is being threatened. The heart and soul of your being are being threatened because you cannot belong to the group to which you belong. It is not easy to understand how an attitude like this can have such a profound effect on the society in which you live. But it is exactly this kind of diversity that can poison the well of our civilization.

Thankfully, the time has come when we realized that diversity can kill. Our institutions need to realize that there is no place for this kind of chauvinism. If the schools in our country are going to encourage diversity, they have to make sure that those who do participate will be able to integrate without any issues into the rest of society. Fortunately, these days the schools are paying attention to this problem.

Schools all over the world are now paying attention to the integration of diverse groups. They are trying to create classes that encourage diversity instead of segregating people based on their background or their origin. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Programs that promote a diversity in thought and practice can only be a good thing. Programs that promote a diversity of thought and practice can only be a good thing.

If the schools were to implement a program that was centered around integration, this would not only be a step in the right direction but also it could prove to be a boon to our society as a whole. A school accepting students who cannot integrate themselves into society will be sending a message that our society does not accept people who do not conform to the majority culture. Diversity programs work. If the schools want to send a clear message to their students about the values they hold dear, then they need to start implementing programs that promote diversity and inclusion.