Collecting data from relevant studies 7

This module covers ways in which we collect the data we need for the review from the included studies. You will work through it in a slightly different way from other modules. At points in the module, you are asked to move to other modules so that you understand the type of information you want as well as the mechanics of collecting it. You will find links to modules 8, 9 and 10.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to decide what data to collect from studies
  • Devise a method and appropriate form for collecting data from included studies
  • Be aware of ways to minimise errors and bias in collecting data
  • What to do about obtaining and reporting missing data

Relevant sections of the Reviewers’ Handbook

  • Section 7

Where does this go in a Cochrane review?

  • You will need to include some description of your methods for collecting data in the Methods section of your protocol and review.