About task email templates

A Workflow manager can save time by creating task email templates that can be used many times in different workflows. There are two overall types of task-related email messages :

  • Ticket email – a task email containing a link to a ticket that allows completing the task. Must be sent to the task assignee.
  • Information email  – a task email without a ticket. You can use this email type, for example, to send reminders, comments or other review related business to workflow participants from within the workflow system.

Tip: you can always modify individual task emails before you send them (see Editing task emails). This action will not affect the original settings of the email template.

The window where task email templates are created consists of a list of templates along with a brief information on:

  • The template name.
  • Type of a template – Ticket email or Information email.
  • Scope – System wide, a template that is available to all groups, or Group specific, a template that can be used by a particular group.
  • Whether the template is the default used when a new task email is created.
  • The dates when the template was created and last modified.

If you highlight a template, more detailed information is shown in the tabs below the templates list:

  • General – contains general information on a particular task email template such as: scope, name and type. You can also choose a recipient based on workflow role of a (it is available only in Information email), and a workflow role and a person who will receive a copy of a task email.
  • Message – contains a subject of the message and a message text.
  • Attachments –  contains information on potential review version and format that will be sent to a recipient. The version options are: Latest version; Last published version; Last to be published version; Latest draft in authoring phase: and Latest draft in editorial phase. It is also possible to attach files from Archie folders.