Contact details in reviews

An author is assigned to a review by linking her/his record in Archie. This means that a record must exist in Archie before an author can be added to a review. When an author has been assigned to a review, the contact details are stored within the review file, but they can only be edited in Archie. The author’s contact details in reviews are updated in three ways:

  • automatically, whenever a review is checked out from Archie, the latest details for each author are inserted in the file;
  • manually, by using the Refresh function in RevMan.
  • manually, if the option to do so is chosen when marking the review for publication.

Using multiple addresses for the same author

Authors sometimes ask to have more than one institutional affiliation listed after their name in the byline of a published protocol or review. Before this can be done, you need to check the author’s Person record to make sure it contains all of the necessary affiliation information. There should be a separate address for each of the requested institutional affiliations, with data entered in the correct fields (Department, Organisation, City, and Country) using the correct format.

A Super User in any group where the author has a role can add and edit an author affiliation, see Contact address and Affiliations.

Authors are linked to reviews through Document roles, and this is also where you can choose which addresses/affiliations to use for an author in relation to a specific review.

To change the address used for an author in relation to a specific review

  1. Go to the People tab of the review’s Properties.
  2. Click the author and click Edit.
    The Document Role window opens.
  3. Go to the Affiliations tab, select the relevant Address, and click OK.

The chosen address is now the one that will be used for that review when you choose to update the contact details in the review in the Publication Wizard.

To use multiple addresses for an author in relation to a specific review

  1. Open the review Properties and go to the People tab.
  2. Highlight the author’s name and click Edit.
    The Document Role window opens.
  3. Go to the Affiliations tab and select the addresses you want to be included in the byline of the review.
  4. Click OK.

Please note the following:

  • The above-described changes must be made on a review-by-review basis and do not apply across reviews (in case the author in question is an author on multiple reviews).
  • Only one address/institutional affiliation can be used in connection with the Contact Person Document Role.
  • If you edit author affiliations in an already published review, you will need to republish it for the changes to the byline to take effect.

To see the list of reviews associated with a specific affiliation

Person properties allows you to see the list of reviews associated with a specific affiliation:

  1. Open the person Properties window.
  2. Choose a secondary address from the Address drop -down list that is used as affiliation in a review. The full address is loaded in the Address text area.
  3. Hover over the Used in X Reviews. The tooltip shows the list of reviews the associated address is used in.
    By default, 6 reviews out of X are shown in alphabetical order.
  • NOTE: If one of the person’s addresses is used as the affiliation in a review, then it should not be possible to delete that address in the person’s Properties.