Creating a person

When a person joins an entity, an administrator from the entity should first check (e.g., by using Quick Search) if the person is already listed in the system, in which case the person should just have relevant role in the entity added. But if the person cannot be found, a new record must be created. The Create Person Wizard will guide you through the steps of creating a new person while making sure you add all the mandatory information. Non-mandatory data are also desirable (especially contact email addresses) and should be added as available. These data may also be added once the record for the new person has been created.

Only some users, such as Super Users, can create persons. See Access rights and Editing Entity roles.

To create a person

  1. From the menu bar, choose File > New > Person. The Person Wizard opens.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Person Wizard, and move from one screen of the Wizard to the next using the Next and Back buttons. Fields marked by an asterisk [*] (e.g. Last Name) are mandatory and must be completed before you are able to move on to the next page.
  3. When all details have been entered, click the Finish button. You will get confirmation that the new record has been created (or an error message), and will be able to open and edit this record.)

See more about the person fields in Editing a person.

Using the Create Person Wizard

Name and contact details

Last name and First name are mandatory fields.

Checking for potential duplicates

The Person Wizard checks for duplicates. If a possible duplicate is listed, open the Properties by double clicking on the name and check to see if the record is a duplicate. If so, you can either:

  • Cancel the new record
  • Update the duplicate record if required (e.g. add a new role) and then cancel the new record

Contact address

You must enter either a Work or Home address.

Addresses can be marked Private by ticking the ‘Hide address’ box in the Contact address section. Private addresses can be accessed only by the new person, the Super Users in the new person’s primary entity, and members of the IMS team. See Privacy.

Primary entity and role in primary entity

  • Choose a primary entity from the pull-down list.  This list will include only those entities for which you have administrative access rights.
  • Choose a role from the pull-down list. If the new person has more than one role in the primary entity, you will need to create the record using one role, and then later edit it to add other roles, see Editing a person.
  • If a role you need is not available on the drop-down list, you will need to add a role to the primary entity’s list of available roles
  • The role assigned to the new person will determine the access rights that person has within the IMS, so please be careful to select the proper role.


  • You can set privacy settings for a person’s email addresses and mobile phone number. This means that this information can only be accessed by the new person, Super Users of the new person’s primary entity, and members of the IMS team.
  • You can also select whether and to what extent the contact email address may be used for bulk mailings from within the Collaboration.

Monitoring and registration data

These data, on country of origin and sex, are optional and will be used only for monitoring and registration purposes.  These data will be treated confidentially, which means that they will be accessible only to the new person, Super Users in the new person’s primary entity, the IMS team, and the Monitoring and Registration Group