Complimentary subscription

All users have special link to The Cochrane Library in the top right corner of Archie, next to the links to Cochrane Community. If you have an active complimentary subscription, using that link gives you full-text access to The Cochrane Library. Click the information button next to the link to check your current status.

There are two aspects that control your experience when using the The Cochrane Online Library:

  1. Full text access. Using the link in Archie gives you this. The full text access will work for the rest of your browsing session that day, so if you close your browser, you may have to reconnect using the link in Archie.
  2. A user profile with saved searches or alerts.  This in no way connected to your Archie access.  If you go to the Library site directly without using the link in Archie, you can still login to you Wiley profile, but you will not have full-text access (unless you have this through other means, such as being at an institution that provides this automatically) .