Managing user accounts

To be able to log in to Archie, you must have a Cochrane Account and a  role that grants Archie access (e.g., editorial base staff, author). All persons registered in Archie have a person record, but not necessarily a user account.

User accounts can be created by users with the Max permission level for people. For a single person this is done under Settings on the person’s Properties. Super Users can also create accounts in bulk, by using the selection set, (see below To create accounts in bulk).

  • IMPORTANT: Users who previously had an Archie account should not create a new Cochrane Account – their existing account automatically works as a Cochrane Account.

Signing up for user accounts

People with or without an Archie record can sign up to an account from the login page, see Becoming a user.

New registrations and Membership project records

Anyone who wishes to get involved with Cochrane’s work can sign up for a Cochrane Account by filling in a publicly available form ( which asks for the user’s first name, family name, email address and country of residence.

This then creates an Archie record containing these details. The user’s Primary Group will be the Membership project and the user’s role will be Potential contributor.

  • Users with Membership project records can be assigned roles in any other group, see Assigning roles to people.
  • Any group can add an affiliation for a review byline, see Contact address and Affiliations. Your group does not have to be the author’s Primary Group to do this.
  • If major changes beyond adding an affiliation are required, you can request that your group becomes the user’s Primary Group using the Suggest changes function, see Suggesting changes.
  • If you find that a member of your group has an existing Membership project record, you can mark this as a duplicate and then delete it, see Marking records as duplicates

Creating accounts

To create a user account

  1. Open the person’s Properties and go the Settings tab.
  2. Under User Account, click Create User Account.
    This option is not available if a user account already exists.
  3. Check that the email address for this recipient is correct.
  4. If you want to receive a copy of the message, choose your email address from the CC: pull-down list.
  5. If you want to receive any messages the recipient may send in reply to the message, choose your email address from the Reply To: pull-down list.
  6. Enter any text you want to add to the email under Include  Personal Message.
    The text to will appear after standard message text.
  7. Click OK.
    The Settings tab now shows that registration of the account is pending.

An email from Archie with the subject ‘Archie Registration’ is automatically sent to the recipient for whom the account is being created. The email contains a link to a web page that the user must visit to complete the registration by selecting a user name and password, and agreeing to the system’s terms of use.

Email example:

Dear NAME,

Your Cochrane group administrator (NAME <EMAIL>) has set up an Archie account for you. Archie is The Cochrane Collaboration’s central server for managing documents and contact details.

If you are an author, your Archie account will enable you to check reviews in and out using RevMan 5.

Before the account can be used it must be activated. To activate the account, please click on the link below and follow the instructions.
(Please use this link within two weeks. Otherwise it will expire.)

Once you have activated the account, you can log in to Archie from:


For tips on getting started with Archie, read the Quickstart guide in the help file at:


To create accounts in bulk

  1. Select the persons you wish to create accounts for.
  2. Choose Tools > Create User Accounts…
  3. Review the names and email addresses listed.
    If there are persons without an email address in the selection, you must either:

    • add an email address for them, or
    • remove them from the list.
  4. Select the ‘I have verified that all of the email addresses are valid and want to proceed creating user accounts for all of them’ box.
  5. Click Create.
    The results are shown.
  6. Click Close.

Resetting passwords

The recommended method for users who forget their password is to reset it using the “Reset password”-link on the Cochrane Account login page.

Super Users may also be able to change passwords for users in their Primary Group. When a password is changed manually, the user should be given a temporary password, and asked to change it to a personal one as soon as they log in.

Note: It is not possible for a Super User to edit the user name or password of a user that has any permission the Super User does not (i.e. in another group).

See also: Accessing Archie, Choosing a good password.