Becoming a user

To access Archie, you must have an personal user account – your Cochrane Account. This account provides a user name and password to log in to Archie and other Cochrane systems.

The basic level of access lets you edit your own record and view resources shared with everybody. For more on what users can and cannot do in Archie, see Permissions.

Users can register themselves, or have the sign-up process started by a Super User. A super user can do this for a single person under Settings on the person’s Properties, and creating accounts in bulk can be done by using the selection set. For more on how Super users can work with accounts see Managing user accounts.

  • Users who previously had an Archie account should not create a new Cochrane Account – their existing account automatically works as a Cochrane Account.

Requesting user accounts

To request an account

Authors, editors, and others whose contact details are already recorded in Archie and need access to reviews and other documents in Archie can request a Cochrane Account.

  1. Go to the Archie login page:
  2. Click ‘SIGN UP NOW’.
    This brings you to the sign up page.
  3. Enter your Given name, Family name, Email address and Country of Residence.
  4. Click the “Sign up”-button.
    An activation email with further instructions is sent to you.

If your email address(es) cannot be found in Archie, you may be given the option of submitting your details to a Cochrane group (such as a Review Group).

Important: This is not a general expression of interest form.  You should only register like this if you have already been in contact with the group, or have confirmation that you have been accepted as Author on a review in the group.

Editing user name and password

The default User Name when creating an account will be the primary email address you supplied. You may choose any other user name that is not already in use. Once you have completed registration you can edit your own record – including the user name and password which is done from the Settings tab of your Properties.

  • Tip: to open your own record, click your name in the top right corner of Archie, below the Quick Search box.

Forgotten passwords

Users who forget their password can reset it using the “Forgot your password?”- link on the login page. This will send an email to their primary email address with a link to a unique page that allows entering a new password.

However, for security reasons, this function cannot be used by some users who have very high permission levels. Such users must contact Cochrane Technical Support to have their password reset.