Dynatropin – Secret to HGH Deficiency [Reviewed Sep 2020]


The human growth hormone which is commonly abbreviated as HGH is a naturally produced compound that originates from the pituitary gland in the body. It is a critical hormone and plays a host of crucial functions in the body. Since this hormone is naturally produced in the body, its production gradually diminishes as we age and may lead to the development of an inevitable health crisis in the body. Low HGH production also leads to low vitality in the body. The importance of the hormone and the inevitability of depreciating natural production have necessitated the need for a solution to a potential health problem.

The manufacturers of Dynatropin have come up with a product that is said to be capable of sustaining the effective production of the human growth hormone at optimum levels and give the body a healthy vitality level. We have all encountered companies that create unverifiable claims about their products to generate profits. In our distinctive way; we have decided to scrutinize the claim about Dynatropin so that our readers can be confident in their decisions about purchasing what will work for them only.


Dynatropin is a product of the pharmaceutical company Zealth LLC. It was created from the landmark efforts of Dr Mark Gordon, the famous interventional endocrinologist. Dynatropin was created as an alternative substitute for the expensive, aggressive injections that were previously in use for HGH production. According to Zealth LLC, Dr Mark Gordon’s Dynatropin is one of the first Growth Hormone Secretagogue in the world. It is a statement of fact. Dr Gordon is also a very influential figure in the anti-ageing community and has a considerable reputation as a board-certified endocrinologist.

The company understands that the pharmaceutical industry and especially the supplement subdivision due to the absence of FDA approvals as a compulsory requirement have seen a proliferation of products, a higher percentage of which make false and unrealistic claims. Most of these companies do not prioritize customer welfare. Zealth LLC is based in Los Angeles, California, United States and is majorly involved in the manufacturing and distribution of Dynatropin.


Dynatropin helps to increase the energy levels of its users. It is one of the most visible effects it has on the body. Due to the effects of Insulin Growth Factor 1, there is an instantaneous surge of energy in the body. It also helps to improve the functions of the lungs and the cardiovascular system. With an improved blood circulation in the body, there is a better distribution of oxygen to all parts of the body, and this increases strength and stamina for physical activity. It may explain why athletes and bodybuilders endearingly love Dynatropin. Although Dynatropin also impacts bone density and decreases bad cholesterol in the body, this may not be instantly noticed and may take a while before manifesting.

Dynatropin improves the natural production of Insulin Growth Factor 1 and Insulin Growth Factor 3. IGF, as it is commonly abbreviated, originates from the pituitary gland and copies the functions of insulin. Through this effect, the use of Dynatropin results in the proper development of the muscles and the bones. It also leads to faster metabolism of fat and enhances the proper functioning of the heart.

It helps the body to develop bone density and lean muscle mass due to the natural benefits derived from a well-stimulated growth hormone production. The tissues also benefit from this effect. Dynatropin improves the conditions of lots of organ in the body. It enhances the brain, the heart and the lungs. It indirectly ensures the overall wellbeing of its users.

Although once secreted, the human growth hormone is active for only a few minutes; this is sufficient to realize its many benefits to the body. Once secreted, it is usually converted to Insulin Growth Factor by the liver and this conversion leads to the bulking up of the muscles. Dynatropin helps in the management of ideal body weight. Due to its growth development properties, it helps to cut down the fat in the body, disposing of excess fat.

Dynatropin also has delightful healing properties. It helps to facilitate faster recoveries from the injuries that athletes and bodybuilders may sustain in training. Insulin Growth Factor facilitates the creation and multiplication of new cells which speeds up the repair of damaged tissues and quickens recovery from injuries. We already mentioned the impact Dynatropin has on bone density and healthy muscle development.

Users of Dynatropin should expect to enjoy better quality sleep, especially as it helps to ensure the overall wellness of the whole body system. These benefits are attributable to the impact of Insulin Growth Hormone 1 and Insulin Growth Hormone 3. It greatly reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease and helps in better management of diabetes. It also helps to sustain healthy blood pressure in the body.

It is important to state at this juncture that the composition of Dynatropin is natural. It is a supplement that is meant to enhance the body’s natural functions, and it does not in any way interfere with the body system’s natural features. Since it only reinforces a process that is naturally established in the body, there are no side effects associated with its use.


The formula for Dynatropin is proprietary. So even though the ingredients used in the production of this supplement is disclosed. We cannot accurately tell how much of each ingredient is present in this product. The innovative liposomal delivery system of Dynatropin helps the body to absorb nutrients effectively. This process also referred to as bioavailability which is the capacity of the body to absorb the nutrients taken into the blood properly, is crucial for effective drug administration. With the unique formulation used in the production of Dynatropin, the proteins, amino acids and other nutrients this supplement contains are well absorbed, and their benefits are fully realized

Some of the ingredients in Dynatropin include; Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine, Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, L Glutamine, L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Valine, L-Tyrosine, L-Pyroglutamate, and Mucuna Pruriens Seed extract.

Dynatropin also contains; Water, Phospholipids, Maltodextrin, Natural flavours, Potassium sorbate & Sodium Benzoate (preserves freshness), Sodium citrate, and Citric Acid. We will check out the functions of some of these ingredients and how they combine to give Dynatropin its exceptional quality.

L glutamine – it controls the appetite and restricts the desire for sugary food which is partly responsible for weight problems. It impacts the stomach structure, the guts and intestines and helps it to stay healthy. L glutamine also fortifies the immune system and benefits the thyroid.

L ornithine – it greatly increases the body’s energy levels and also helps in the elimination of waste materials from the body.

L arginine – this plays a crucial role in the development of muscles. It activates protein synthesis, which is essential for the bodybuilding process. Arginine improves blood circulation in the body by releasing nitric oxide into the blood. It also helps in repairing damaged tissues and speeds up the recovery rate from injuries.

L lysine – this fortifies the immune system and builds up the resistance to diseases. It also helps in the management of diabetes.

L valine – this helps in the proper development and maintenance of muscles. It also helps to fortify the immunity in the body and minimizes exhaustion that comes from physical activities. It is a frequently used ingredient for bodybuilding supplements.

L tyrosine – it helps in increasing alertness, focus and concentration levels. It is achieved through the stimulation of the brain to release certain compounds that help the nervous system to function more effectively. It also influences the mood and helps users stay inspired and motivated.

L Pyroglutamate – this is responsible for the impact that Dynatropin has on learning. It is essential for the release of neurotransmitters from the brain. Through this process, there is ease in the mastery of mental tasks and improvement of long term and short term memory. It also helps the body to manage stress better.

Mucuna Pruriens – this helps to raise energy and endurance levels in the body. It also enhances the functioning of the nervous system while minimizing stress and exhaustion.


According to the manufacturing company, 4 full sprays of Dynatropin should be sprayed under the tongue some few minutes before bedtime. Since this supplement is better absorbed when taken on an empty stomach, it should be taken at the least 30 minutes before consuming anything. This regimen will require just 1 full bottle of Dynatropin for a month. Dynatropin is accessible from the company’s website, and bulk purchases qualify buyers for better discounts. 1 bottle is sold for just $129, 3 bottles go for $198 while 6 bottles are available for $249. Buyers can, therefore, save $189 and $525 by buying 3 bottles or 6 bottles respectively. The company also practices a 60 days money-back guarantee.        


For about 15 years since Dynatropin has been produced and marketed by Zealth LLC, it has only been available as a prescription drug. It is, however, not the case anymore. People who find this supplement to be what their body needs can now purchase the product over the counter without a prescription.

The company stands on its words that Dynatropin can help to stimulate the human growth factor to rise at about 200%. Based on the studies carried out on this supplement, at least 92% of Dynatropin users experience all the benefits associated with the supplement. Dynatropin is, therefore, a must-have for bodybuilders because even though it offers numerous advantages for human growth and development, there are no side effects associated with Dynatropin.