Publishing a review

The steps described below assume that the most recent version in Archie has been approved for publication by the CRG in accordance with its usual editorial workflow. The example given also assumes that the review to be published is a new citation version and therefore requires completion of the Licence for Publication Form by all authors.

To publish a review

  1. Right-click the review in the Resources tree view and choose Publish.....
    The Publication Wizard opens.

  2. Ensure the review is ready for publication, with current contact details.

  1. Click Next.
    The Validation check is run. If there are errors you cannot proceed, and must click Cancel to end the wizard.

  2. If there are validation warnings, but you wish to ignore them, check the box to confirm this and click Next.

  3. If you do not want the review published as soon as possible, specify a delivery date and time.
    The earliest Archie will release a review is after a 2 hour cool-off period, so this is the default time.

  1. Click Next.

  2. If relevant, choose Gold open access.
    Select the Publish Under Gold Open Access License option, and pick the appropriate license type from the list. For more information see

  3. Choose post-completion actions for Review Phase and License for Publication forms.
    In general, we recommend that you accept the default for the review to be returned to the Authoring Phase, and for citation versions, to have information sent to authors on how to complete Licence for Publication forms.

  4. Click Mark for Publication.
    The wizard closes, and the review is now listed in the Publication Pipeline as Pending Delivery.

When publishing an amendment to a review that was published under a gold open access licence, the Publication Wizard shows the licence information as read-only.

Suggested checks

Before you mark a review for publication you should check all tabs in the review’s Properties in Archie.


See also Managing Licence for Publication forms, Publishing

Undoing publishing

Undoing the Publish action is not the same as withdrawing a review, but simply a way of undoing a recent Publish action before the monthly submission deadline. The Undo Publish option is only available for reviews that have a version marked for publication and has the effect of removing the ‘For publication’ status from that version. To use this option, right-click the review and choose Undo Publish.

To undo the publishing of  a review

  1. Locate the review in the Resources tree view or by searching.

  2. Right-click the review and choose Undo Publish.

  3. Click OK to verify that you wish to clear the status from the version currently marked for publication.

  4. Click OK.

Note: The Description for a version being unpublished will only be changed if it has not been modified. i.e. is still the original 'For publication'.


See also Changes to published reviews that require republishing.